About Pcex

PCEX is a digital currency exchange offering a reliable broker channel. The sub-brokers place trade-orders on behalf of the Bitcoin and Altcoin traders on PCEX, adding a level of security to the platform. The sub-brokers are also a direct point of contact for customer support; traders can always stay connected with PCEX. The sub-brokers are well-trained to handle trades in the fast-moving digital currency market.

Trading on PCEX is cost-effective as the platform does not drain the customers’ funds with unreasonable fees. In fact, PCEX has one of the lowest fee structures in the market. The advanced trading desk on PCEX allows both crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trading, providing traders with a multi-functional platform. The platform’s impenetrable security architecture will keep the traders’ digital assets safe from cyber-attacks. Unlike several virtual currency exchanges in the industry today, PCEX has a physical presence to host the cutting-edge infrastructure.

Traders on PCEX can buy or sell digital currencies at the prices they wish to by placing limit-orders through the sub-brokers. PCEX will ensure that the users never miss out on a profitable trade. With a high-caliber matching engine, strategic associations, and guaranteed liquidity for digital assets, PCEX strives to make digital currency trading effortless for its users. Enhance your wealth with PCEX!

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